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ABANZ was formed by Breeders from the lower North Island of New Zealand who came to the realisation that something had to be done to promote Alpacas in their area and throughout New Zealand. The breeders also recognised that there was a need to find a commercial use for the Alpaca Fleece they were producing

The committee, whose members are all volunteers, guide the business and finances of ABANZ. It is proposed to build a high volume commercial fleece industry here in NZ, by turning Raw Fleece into high quality, high end Alpaca Products. It is our belief that we need to move in the direction of "ADDED VALUE". Taking Raw fleece and turning it into High End commercial products offers us the opportunity to make a profit from our Top Quality fleeces.

ABANZ's Goals

  1. To design a marketing label to promote N Z Alpaca from ABANZ Fleece.
  2. To assist our members and give them direction in assessing and continually improving the quality of alpaca fleece they produce. This is a core requirement for the production of high quality products
  3. Enable all grades, (Fine and Coarse alike) of alpaca fleece to be eventually used in a range of products.
  4. Encourage participation in the New Zealand Alpaca Fleece industry by as many people as wish to participate.
  5. Generate viable income for New Zealand Alpaca Growers.
  6. Focus on a large volume commercial and consumer alpaca fleece industry.
Upcoming Events

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Plans to run Fielddays and Shows are being consolidated at present and you will be the first to know details if you check this page.


New Zealand now has all the genetics available to produce the best alpacas in the world...
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